Your EASY & Aligned Path to YouTube Success!


Who is YouStarter For?

This online course was designed for ANYONE who has always thought about starting a YouTube channel, but never taken that first step or maybe you began your channel but you didn't allow yourself to step into that momentum. 

This course is a combination of marketing, power coaching and everything I've learned from making a career from YouTube, all broken into 7 modules with downloadable PDFs to allow you to work through the course materials at your own pace.

Are you ready to design your path to success through this course?

What's Included in YouStarter

  • How-to create your channel vision and focal point

  • How-to set-up your YouTube channel (technical and optimization)

  • How-to tap into creativity for your personal unique content

  • Equipment, software tools and editing

  • How-to create a fool-proof content schedule

  • How-to create a successful channel launch to build subscription momentum

  • How-to maintain subscriber growth

  • Online support from ME (Zoey!)

Plus, some of my BEST kept secrets!


Your time is NOW!
Are you ready to create a life of absolute freedom?

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WORDS on YouStarter


This course was incredible. I finished it feeling so confident in myself AND in my youtube channel. Zoey accomplished three things for me in this course:

1) She got my excited - like, REALLY excited - about having a youtube channel.
2) She broke down all of my hesitations of the ego through coaching prompts
3) She prepared me, step by step with actionable items, to launch and create content for the channel.

I super appreciated the coaching that was involved in this, which sets this youtube course apart from others. If you apply yourself to this course and do the work, you will totally be successful in launching and maintaining a YouTube channel. She makes it so easy, effortless, and FUN! Thank you so much Zoey for this wonderful course and content. There is NO ONE better to learn this stuff from.