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Are you ready to create the life you've always imaged for yourself? Below are my online DIY courses on manifestation. Once you purchase a course you have the ability to get started on transforming your life right away. You also have lifetime access to this powerful content, meaning you can revisit it whenever you need that inspiration booster! Whether it's spiritual growth or becoming a master manifester - I've got the manifestation courses for you!

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The online course to manifest goddess glowing skin & the long, luscious mermaid hair you desire! Zoey coaches you through the un-serving/self-sabotaging inner narratives you may have about your skin and hair (most of which lay hidden inside). Through this transformational process we create powerful new belief systems around our appearance and implement daily practices for self-love and appreciation to not only manifest results in your personal appearance, but ⁣glow from the inside-out!

Copy of Pink Circle Gradient Photography


Learn how to harness your own personal powers for manifesting with cycles of the Moon. Zoey guides you through the processes of setting up your own personal ceremony space and how to best use the energies of the Full Moon and New Moon to create your dream life. Learn how to transform the turbulent energies of the Full Moon into powerful momentum for personal growth and bring your desires to fruition through harnessing the ambitious powers of the New Moon. WARNING: May cause miracles.