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I am a Professional Certified Life Coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. I specialize in empowering people to achieve their greatest potentials by Core Energy Coaching™ deep inhibitions that are preventing them from tapping into their ultimate potentials (money, success, love). I take great pride in the success of my clients accessing their greatest expressions and finally giving themselves permission to live the life of their ultimate dreams.



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In my fifties, I noticed that Zoey has so many of the things in her life that I longed for in mine. Freedom, being an author, digital nomad, etc. so I decided that working with her would help me get there too! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Zoey brings joy to every call! She forces you to define success! She challenges your beliefs and helps you to begin to shift them! She checks in to make sure that you are following through on the commitments you make to yourself.  Zoey and her coaching process has helped me to make life altering decisions in the past two years that has moved my life in the direction that I have always wanted. Zoey's patience taking me through a process of looking at and getting clear about the real state of the relationship I was in was such a profound step. I needed to know that she understood and she did, I needed to know that she had been in my shoes and she had; knowing these things helped me to trust the process and come to the decision that I knew needed to be made even though it meant breaking my own heart. I couldn't have gotten through it without Zoey and her support!


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I was going through the toughest time of my life and I was watching videos and reading books on self-help. Nothing seemed to be helping but I hadn’t thought about life coach. I always thought taking the Life Couch route wouldn’t help and end up being expensive. One day I came across one of Zoey’s videos, something clicked and I decided to try it. I guess this is called synchronicity and I took a leap of faith. My experience working with Zoey was amazing. I don’t have words to explain it. Working with her changed the whole trajectory of my life. Looking back I think subconsciously I always knew what I wanted but didn’t have ability to hear my inner voice nor did I have courage to speak up but she helped me find my inner voice and strength to speak. Moreover she helped to live for self and to be happy. I highly recommend Zoey as a Life Coach as she has greatly transformed my life.


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Zoey has been fantastic! I love the structure her coaching provides, it's a perfect container for me to grow, heal, learn, and blossom. She's a professional and asks all the right questions, while also offering her own intuitive downloads/guidance that's always perfectly what I need to hear. Zoey has helped me uplevel beyond my physical environment, multiple times! But I think the biggest transformation was guiding me through the healing of parts of my past (childhood, parent, and money/business stories) that I didn't realize were still affecting me decades later! That type of retroactive personal development is very challenging emotionally and spiritually, so having her coach me through them was tremendous in allowing me to expand and reach even higher goals. It's like I've unlocked a new side of my that has always existed but was just waiting to feel safe enough to blossom and shine.


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My experience working 1:1 with Zoey was amazing. Every week I was able to see small changes that compounded overtime. I truly transformed over the 3 months that we worked together. I looked forward to each call that we had and always felt amazing after them! The biggest transformation I received through Life Coaching with Zoey was letting go of the fear of judgment. This limiting belief was so strong when we first started working together. However, by the end of the 3 months I was able to show up without being consumed with the fear of judgment. I became more confident in myself and in my business. I truly don't believe I would be where I am right now if I didn't have Zoey as my Life Coach.




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3-Month Coaching Program

Are you ready to tap into your potential? Achieve your goals? Step into the most confident version of you? This 3-month Coaching program is the perfect place to start for anyone who is feeling called to step into the greatest version of themselves. This program begins with a  Welcome Package and a detailed Life Plan exercise to ensure we are set up for success and goal achievement over the period of time working together. The 3-Month Coaching Program is 12 weeks of weekly calls - 60 minutes, followed by 30 minutes and back to 60 minutes and so on.

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6-Month Coaching Program

There's no messing around here! If you're looking for serious momentum, growth and change in your life this is the program for you. The 6-Month High Potentials Program begins with a Welcome Package, detailed Life Plan to ensure our success in working together and the implementation of various powerful coaching tools along the way. Each weekly 1:1 call is 60 minutes in length and contains a bonus half hour call each month to be used whenever you may need extra empowerment.

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Working 1:1 with Zoey was life-changing. So many insights, revelations and realizations throughout the 3 months I spent working with Zoey. Our coaching relationship bloomed into something that I could have never expected. The work I have done with her pushed me to confront myself and face some of my deepest triggers. Now I have so much more awareness around my repetitive patterns and fears. I would say there are several transformations I received: I can see myself living more from the desires of my soul rather than being stuck in my ego thinking. I listen, trust and follow my intuition even more now, I really nurture and honour it. I have an amount of confidence and a feeling of trust in myself, my abilities and in the flow of life that I have never had before. I can see myself letting go of control much easier, and this causes me way less anxiety. I am embracing who I really am even more, and expressing myself more freely. My perspective on life has changed, and I keep getting evidence of abundance every day - new like-minded friendships and connections, new creative ideas, new business and earning opportunities. I feel so excited for the future, and I trust that everything is going to get better and better!


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